Monday, July 28, 2014

On the Way: Dungeonteller Iso Tiles

Next project: cut-and-fold counters compatible with my iso battle maps. The first sheet will come FREE on, with six heroes plus a few sample monsters and battle sheets. Some test images to follow:
Sample sheet of icons...

...with fold-down tabs to give them structure.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[Art Preview] Delf Sentinel and Sorceress

Here are two freshly made illos for the Dungeonteller monster book. Delves are the hostile underground elf race of the Dungeonteller world. I'm aiming to include them as a hero class down the road.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Iso Dungeonteller Heroes

Iso counters for the six Dungeonteller heroesConcept tests for a possible dungeon mapper set. Meanwhile the monster book is still coming together.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Random Character Generation in Dungeonteller

Anthony asked me if the full-on Dungeonteller book includes rules for character generation rather than using the optimized character sheets included in the game. I don't have any philosophical objections to random chargen, but I feel that the "rolling up a character" process is a huge turn-off for newbie players and non-gamers. They usually get so much hand-holding and railroady advice from the DM and more experienced players that the PC they end up with might as well have been handed to them.

Here's how I would do it in Dungeonteller.

1. Pick two lucky numbers from 1 to 6.
2. Roll ten dice for each action (Battle, Magic, Make, etc.) and count the lucky numbers as successes. Each success equals one action die for that action.
3. Decide which of the six hero types you want to be and use that hero's starting cool powers list.

[Excuse me while I grab some dice, BRB]

OK, here's what I got, rolling 10 dice for each action:

Battle 1
Magic 4
Make 5
Muscle 4
Notice 2
Resist 5
Shoot 2
Sneak 3
Stunt 2
Talk 5

Looking at the relatively high Magic and Talk, maybe a rogue or an elf? Nothing stands out for me on that guy.

Let's try again:

Battle 3
Magic 7 
Make 4
Muscle 2
Notice 6
Resist 5
Shoot 3
Sneak 1
Stunt 5
Talk 4

I picture this hero as a charismatic, strong-willed wizard. Low Sneak and high Stunt is an odd combo -- maybe he never shuts up and that's why he can't sneak?

This is fun, one more time:

Battle 7
Magic 2 
Make 3
Muscle 1
Notice 3
Resist 5
Shoot 0
Sneak 4
Stunt 5
Talk 3

This guy strikes me as a nimble but willowy paladin -- high Battle, high Resist, high Stunt, low Muscle, zero Shoot.